Fundraising can be intimidating, even for those with experience. We help your team break down the process into manageable pieces. We build relationships with your board members, leaders, and staff. We work alongside your team and help with the heavy lifting. Our goal is to build capacity that will be a resource for your organization for years to come. 


An immersive approach 

It’s all about you. We start by learning more about your vision for the future, your goals, your team, and your prospects. Our in-depth approach helps us understand who you are today, what you want to be in the future, and what you need to accomplish to get there. 


Teamwork and guidance

We don’t just give advice. We roll up our sleeves and work alongside you. We are a working part of your team. We design, create, strategize, coach, and motivate. 


Compass is the insistent voice

Outcomes matter. We ensure accountability, structure, and discipline through adherence to timelines and deadlines. 


Tools for long-term success 

Your long-term success is our goal. Compass helps you expand capabilities and resources so that you can be even better at raising money. 


In it with you 

Fundraising benefits from a collaborative approach. Being part of your team establishes credibility and trust, creates accountability, and improves the quality of the results.


Fueling future success  

Fundraising doesn’t just happen. Success is predicated on an aspirational vision, solid strategic planning, a healthy organizational culture, qualified and motivated teams, and sufficient resources. Our services are specially designed to build capacity in each of these areas, no matter your organization’s current abilities.