If you need to build or strengthen your fundraising operation, a Development Audit is arguably the best strategic investment you can make in your organization. Intimidated by the word “audit”? Don’t be. Think of it as a fresh perspective on your organization to identify opportunities for growth that will help your fundraising operations reach their full potential. 

This service is ideal for organizations wondering if they could raise more money, adapting to substantial change or seeking to boost confidence in their fundraising ability. Our Compass consultants serve as an outside, impartial partner to assess and support you through the process.  

We benchmark against national standards and trends because knowing where you stand is important. Our team reviews internal data and materials and conducts confidential interviews with relevant staff and volunteers. Leveraging our collective experience, we analyze the information and prepare a comprehensive set of instructional recommendations to grow your organization’s development program. But we don’t just deliver a report. Change can be difficult and sometimes teams need support to adapt, so we present the recommendations in the form of a workshop to help socialize the information across stakeholders.