Capacity Building is an ideal next step after completing a Development Audit—or if you already have a firm grasp on where your organization has room to improve. At Compass, we believe fundraising expertise can be developed. We wake up each day with the goal of helping our clients improve their ability to raise money. Capacity Building is about creating and implementing an action plan for increased fundraising productivity.  

It takes more than a campaign consultant to do Capacity Building work. You need a partner with deep experience and the skill set to look at the whole and move all systems forward. Our long-tenured consultants consider all angles. We absorb data. We ask questions and listen closely to the answers. We test and retest ideas. We apply what we’ve gained from our considerable experience. 

The scope of work looks different for every organization and focuses on improving your systems, processes, and people as part of a continuous improvement program. Beyond a customized action plan to advance your fundraising program, you’ll have a thought partner working alongside you to advance your operation.