While many in the industry refer to it as a feasibility study, to Compass it’s a Planning Study. Why? We’re not telling you if you can do it, we’re collecting enough data to make actionable recommendations about how you can do it. 

Following our proven process, we explore and assess the potential of generating enough support to achieve your campaign goal—and map a course to get there. Leveraging the Four Predictive Indicators, we systematically work through our framework to address your organization’s unique circumstances. Starting with the preparation phase, we create a tailored guide, orient the team, and develop a Preliminary Case Statement and Gifts Chart. Our experienced consultants then use these components to gather targeted information through in-depth stakeholder interviews, review internal materials, and thoroughly analyze the information.  

We bring fresh eyes to your organization’s strengths and opportunities for improvement, delivering strategic recommendations that position you for success. At the conclusion of the Planning Study, you will better understand how your vision resonates with constituents, whether they will be supportive of your goals, and if you have the right leadership and infrastructure to effectively advance your plans.