If raising money was a sure thing, then everyone would do it. Our decades of experience give us perspective. We draw on our accumulated knowledge and the lessons we’ve learned to assure that you’re on the right path. What we’ve discovered is that fundraising success comes down to a few key areas—we call them the Four Predictive Indicators for Success: 

  • Case for Support– A compelling and urgent story that drives investment  
  • Philanthropic Potential Access to donors who contribute in proportion to the goal 
  • Dedicated Leaders– Sufficient skilled and engaged fundraising volunteers and staff to inspire participation  
  • Strategic Resource Investment– The right people, processes, systems, and tools to operate effectively

Our work is structured around these four areas to ensure that your team has the appropriate fundamentals in place for a successful fundraising effort.

  • Planning Study

    Explore and assess the potential of generating enough support to achieve your campaign goal. We map a course to get there.

    Planning Study
  • Campaign Management

    Build a more powerful philanthropic engine. We provide a plan to drive momentum, help structure and train the team, and work with you to implement until it’s done.

    Campaign Management
  • Development Audit

    Identify opportunities for growth. We conduct a customized, in-depth examination to determine how to best enhance your development program.

    Development Audit
  • Capacity Building

    Advance your ability to raise money. We create and implement an action plan for increased fundraising productivity.

    Capacity Building
  • Leadership Development

    Strengthen your leaders and improve how your team works together. We customize an approach to coach, train, and elevate your leadership.

    Leadership Development
  • Readiness Assessment

    Look internally and externally to strengthen systems and optimize campaign potential. We develop a blueprint for a successful campaign and a stronger foundation of fundraising.

    Readiness Assessment

Alternatively, you might consider our customized approach to combining services for maximum efficiency with a Smart Campaign.

Smart Campaign

Designed for the way fundraising professionals work today, a Smart Campaign accelerates immediate fundraising activities while simultaneously working with you to prepare for a campaign. This progressive and multi-faceted approach developed by The Compass Group is cost-effective and efficient with no down time between planning and activation.

If you have an established strategic vision, firm plans for a campaign, and a well-established pool of donors, this may be the ideal approach for you. A Smart Campaign integrates elements of key services like the Readiness Assessment while also preparing for the traditional activities of a campaign. By conducting work on parallel paths, our approach optimizes the first year and brings in cash flow much earlier.

As an example, data collected during the Readiness Assessment allows you to jumpstart design and production of campaign collateral materials. Meanwhile, we leverage our interactions with interview participants to identify opportunities to secure early philanthropic commitments and transition appropriate individuals into volunteer leadership roles. Alongside this work, the team is also ensuring the organization has the appropriate resources and capacity to sustain the life of the campaign.