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The Compass Group is privileged to serve a variety of nonprofits. In every setting, our fundraising professionals bring extensive successful experience and knowledge to each partnership. View our resource library below.

Board Development and Engagement

Strong organizations have strong boards that are a product of internal culture, leadership, training, and skills. These resources explore how to develop effective teams that can execute on a strategic vision and set a powerful example for the whole organization.

Building a Better Fundraising Board

In today’s fundraising environment, competition for philanthropic dollars is greater than ever before. Nonprofit organizations that can compete successfully in the philanthropic market will be able to attain their goals and fulfill their mission.

This white paper defines the role of the board in fundraising and provides insights on how to build a better board by attracting the right people, training effectively, and evaluating performance.

SOAR with Your Board

SOAR is an acronym for Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations, and Results. The SOAR process results in a strategic vision for organizations that is focused, positive, and uplifting. Replace the traditional SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis with an inspirational and engaging activity that energizes your board, identifies the “big ideas,” and creates an exciting vision for your organization.

Common Sense Tips on Board Leadership in Competitive Times

Through hands-on experience over the past 30 years, there are several “common sense” principles utilized by effective boards to deal with the day-to-day reality of board leadership in competitive times. The following “tips” reflect that experience.

Building financial stability and momentum

Momentum is key to fundraising and planning.

Seven I’s of Fundraising

Fundraising can be daunting when you attempt to tackle everything at once. Successful fundraising involves a series of specific steps that when followed diligently, create a higher comfort level with the entire process. These steps—presented here as the Seven I’s of Fundraising—will aid in promoting significant philanthropic support for your mission and vision.

Fundraising success results from this structured process, not from cutting corners or taking shortcuts. Implementing each step—from identifying potential prospects, to asking them to invest in your mission and vision—will help you build a successful fundraising program.

A Case to Remember

Your ability to envision a bold future for your organization and to articulate that future in a Case for Support will be the key to attracting the resources necessary to make that future possible.

The strength of a Case for Support is directly proportional to its ability to relate to the personal interests and concerns of your audience. This resource explores how to motivate the reader and convince them that their contribution is absolutely critical to success, while reassuring them that making a significant commitment will be as rewarding for them as it is for your organization.